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 Matt and Darin gave us the VIP tour of the outside zoo and they could not have been more gracious. Matt is the director of the Ark’s animals and Darin is the CEO of Public Safety.  They gave us the personal touch that doubly blessed our inside and out Ark experience.

The architecture throughout this 500 2 foot replica of Noah's Ark is simply astounding.

This is Ken Ham’s favorite part of the Ark and ours too. We were honored to stand before the huge door of this 510 ft. wooden wonder after reading the plaque below that could not have been better said. What a great witness for our Savior Jesus!

   Darin’s first stop was the petting zoo where he often prays while the goats join in. I’m sure Noah could have often been in the same position! Clare thought it was hilarious. I thought, wow, what could be a safer place than to have the head of Public Safety be a praying man!

  I was brought to tears upon entering the Ark as we saw Noah's family of 8 worshiping God amidst sounds of thunder and rain. We too are a family of 8 who worship God in our long Ark-like home of 18 rooms.


   We were so impressed that Ken Ham exhibited our Old Testament heritage  preserved so  faithfully by the Jews, as well as New Testament facts and exhibits such as Jesus being the Door to Heaven.

We applaud his 25 year Ark dream that he so faithfully and lovingly carried out.    Ken’s example of strength and dignity amidst  persecution reminds us of the heroes of the Bible. Well done Ken!

Clare loved the clear and simple history lessons throughout the 3 floors of exhibits. She especially enjoyed those of our early American Heroes of Faith. Of all the Countries in the world she has visited, she wanted to see the Ark more than any other place.    Click to enlarge all photos

There were many awesome life like scenes and Scriptures (as below) on every floor.

 Matt at worked with Jack Hanna for 24 years and his loving care for all those animals was evident in their gentle nature. Vashti (the mom) and her precious newborn Athalia are Mediterranean donkeys notable for their stripes forming a cross. As Matt explained, Jesus may have rode one like this.

Our trip to Kentucky to see the largest wooden structure in the world was even more wonderful than we imagined. God bless you Ken Ham and all your workers for your faithful service to give Glory to God our Father and His Son Jesus by bringing the Bible alive to the whole world!


What’s New?

Darin and  Matt love these animals and Clare loved these guys.  Castle (below) was the first animal Darin introduced to Clare as his favorite. It was her favorite animal there too.

 Don’t miss Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter. It is truly a Wonder of the World.

"For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.”

Matt. 24:37

Riding Archie the Camel and Lydia the donkey was a big highlight for Clare (and me).

         Clare sings “Noah’s Ark” for Matt and Darin. When we took Clare from the NICU we were told, “You know she will never speak.”  Birthing at 1 lb 10 oz, Clare had 17 medical diagnoses, a brain bleed, a heart operation and a feeding tube.  We prayed to Jesus and He has made her a healthy, happy 9 year old. I wrote this song below for Clare, but had no idea she knew it, nor overcame her shyness to sing.   God still does miracles as in the Days of Noah!                                                             

 “God told Noah, “I’m washing the World, cause the people are bad, and the children are sad….” “Noah’s Ark”

  by Clareann Berchtold

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