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Mark DeVito-operations manager was a pleasure to talk with. Clare loved him and his treasures!


 DPM-USA Ministries does a great job keeping on with Derek’s 60 year ministry of God’s Word. We believe Derek Prince is the greatest modern day Bible teacher who continues to feed God’s sheep the best of foods to prepare His Bride for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Tess graciously gave us a tour to meet all the wonderful folks at DPM-USA.

Derek Prince is author of 50 books, 710 audio and videos in more than 100 languages. Derek Prince Ministries is in over 140 countries and 45 Offices fulfilling the mandate to keep on “until Jesus returns”.

If you’re ever in Charlotte North Carolina don’t miss Derek Prince Ministries!


Google “Derek Prince Books” to see them all. We love his YouTubes! Look for the ones with the most views. Our favorite books?  Hard to say as each of us has special needs but so far these have helped our family the most- Blessing or Curse….They Shall Expel Demons…Pages Of My Life’s Story….Appointment in Jerusalem…. God’s Word Heals… God’s Medicine Bottle.    

Our little library where we keep Derek’s books  etc. This area connects our two homes for the family to readily get help to grow in faith.  


     What a blessing to visit Charlotte, North Carolina where our beloved Derek continues to bring his Biblical teachings to all the world. What preacher, even after his death, continues to satisfy the spiritual hunger of God’s people with 50 books, 700 audio and video teachings in 140 Countries?

      Derek spent 60 years studying the Bible after his conversion. He left behind the highest accolades of achievements at Eton College and Professor at Kings College England to serve Jesus. Soon after, he married Lydia, a Godly woman with 8 adopted children who was as old as his mother! Derek was rewarded for his life long humility by gifts of the Holy Spirit that few ever receive.  

     Derek taught the Biblical commandments of God without any perversion to suit his desires. For this, like Jesus, he was often judged and shunned.  But he called God’s Word Moses’ “Rod”  that ate the false rod of Pharaoh’s magicians, and said to his critics, Throw down your rod and I’ll throw mine, and we’ll see which one eats the other.”  

   The Rod Derek threw down always ate the serpent, for he taught and LIVED the Scriptures as John Knox did.  John said to Mary Queen of Scots, “You shall believe God, who plainly speaketh in His Word.” John’s intent was to, “win Mary’s heart to Jesus“ but she, ”tried her hand at converting Knox back to Roman Catholicism.” Because of the pure Biblical teachings of John Knox, Mary said,I fear the prayers of John Knox more than all the assembled armies of Europe.” John has few teachings on how he reached such success in prayer, but Derek has hundreds!!

     With Derek, we are not fixing our eyes on a man, but we are fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith. Heb. 12:2   And for this our Family have grown in faith to see many miracles.

    May God bless you with the teachings of Derek Prince that you too can swallow up serpents that threaten you, praise the Name of the Lord Jesus for His power, and know His miracles in these last days.       

 “Whoever keeps and teaches (the commandments) he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. Matt. 5:19

Derek Prince never wanted any man to look to him. That’s what we love about him; He draws us to Jesus and teaches us how to defeat the enemies of God who try to keep us from His love.

  Youtube video “ALL ALONE”     Clareann Berchtold   



 Reviews:  *Wow...Beautiful!   My favorite song you have   written in years."  Daughter Sarah from Romania

“The photos are gorgeous and your mom’s song and voice are just beautiful!” Julie from Arizona

    *This song is a 'WOW', beautifully sung and written. Thank you for sending it we enjoyed it and even Mohib got mesmerized…. he wanted to hear it over and over.  Rubina and Mouzz, Muslim neighbors

   *It truly is a beautiful song, quite mesmerizing with the melody and quite thought provoking”. Mary, Sarah’s Romanian roommate

    *Hello good people, thanks so much for the beautiful words and for the nice song. God bless you all and hope to see you all in Brasov.” Stefano (owner- Tratoria Pocul-   best  Brasov restaurant  



           THE APOSTLE PAUL  For I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy; for I betrothed you to one husband, that to Christ I might present you as a pure virgin.”          2 Cor. 11:2


   “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”  Psalm 122

  New Mom at age 60?   

    What JOY to hear “Mommy” even after 52 years!  

  When Jesus appointed me to be a Mom at age 60, nearly ten years ago, I had a few fears.

     One of them was, how would I feel being called her Grandma instead of her Mom? How would Clare feel?  I would have loved to have been a Grandma. But that wasn’t God’s will for me.

      Well, today Clare expressed one of those concerns. “Mommy. You know how the Bible says everyone in Heaven is without spot or wrinkle? Well, I like your wrinkles! I want you to look the SAMEGod is good. So good to me. And so is Clare.         

Jer. 33:11 “For the Lord is good.”

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 Click here for: Ark Encounter

This awesome video will cause you to really “think about” who Jesus is and what He’s done for you. DON’T MISS IT!

"Now Eli was very old; and he heard all that his sons were doing to all Israel, and how they lay with the women who served at the doorway of the tent of meeting." "His sons brought a curse on themselves and he did not rebuke them." 1 Samuel 2                 Clareann Berchtold                             


They had the Ark of the Covenant.    We have the Cross of Christ.

All of us go to the battlefield assured we'll win the fight.

They had the Sons of Eli.  

  We pray in Jesus Name.

And all believe in the victory,

And victory we do claim.

But the Ark could not deliver.      

 And the slaughter was very great.

For the Sons of Eli carried it there in a sinful, rebel state.

 For they laid with the temple women,    And a just and avengeful God,

 Cannot deliver any man who does not Fear the Lord.

And the Cross cannot deliver

Unless a man is pure.

So listen to this America, for the enemy's at the door!

Neither Israel nor America can win before the Lord,

Unless they bow in Humble Heart, and keep the Word of God.

So Repent of sin, and Honor

  The Awesome Great "I AM,"

For the Ark, nor the Cross can save you

Without the Blood of the Lamb.


"Those who honor Me I will honor."          1 Samuel 2:30

"Let us take to ourselves from Shiloh the ark of the covenant of the LORD, that it may come among us and deliver us from the power of our enemies."  "And the slaughter was very great; for there fell of Israel thirty thousand foot soldiers.      And the ark of God was taken; and the two sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, died."  1 Samuel 4

13 TIMES in the Bible God is referred to as a jealous God.  Oprah  Winfrey said she went to “search for something more” when she didn’t like the sermon on, “I, the Lord am a jealous God.” Here are my thoughts on the inerrant Word of God in Exodus 34:14   "For you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God."         




When Moses got the tablets  engraved on by the Lord,

He said His "name is Jealous", another name of God.

Should I say, "How I love You, my dearest, Jealous Friend",

And say a name of God that is attributed to men?

Now, some may say, "That's blasphemous! Don't call Him such a word!

 Why, that's the lowest name of God that I have ever heard!"

But when I read my Bible, a Book that cannot lie,

I wondered on the "Jealous" name, and Jesus told me why.

I have a loving husband who represents my Lord.

His love is from my Jesus, the only Son of God.

And if he wasn't jealous if I should turn away,

I'd say he didn't love me if ever I would stray.

My Father is a Person with feelings deep within.

My Savior is a Person who suffered for my sin.

The Holy Spirit, also, will flee if I offend,

And this is Godly jealousy by my endearing Friend.

He said His "Name is Jealous”,

A Name I'll love to say,

For in His jealous fervor,

He'll never let me stray.

 DPM President -USA Dick Leggatt. What a blessing he is to bring Derek’s teachings to the world!

Audio: Below  Video: Click at Right

Our trip to Kentucky was even more AMAZING than we imagined.