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1) Lamplight

Written by Clareann Berchtold

Inspired by 2 Chron: 29:7

1.  The Porch Lamp is lighted,

the door is open wide.

I'm waiting for Your Presence,

Lord, please come inside!

To receive my offering of Truth and Praise

For the cleansing Blood of Jesus

And the sacrifice He made.

Hallelujah!   Hallelujah!

The Bridegroom is coming

For the Wedding of His Bride!

Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

My Lamp Light is burning

and my heart is open wide!

2.  In the days of Hezekiah,

 the Bible has told

The Temple Lamp was darkened

and the Porch Door closed,

For Messiah was coming,

 but the people turned away

And Hezekiah called them back to Repentance and Praise.

3.  In the days of the Messiah,

the Bible has told,

The Five Virgins waited,

but the wedding door was closed.

But the other Five had the Oil of

 the Spirit of the Lord,

and a Lamp burning brightly

in a heart pure for God.

 (End) My Lamp Light is burning with my Bridegroom by my side!

3) Peace In the Storm

Written by Clareann Berchtold  

Inspired by Jesus Calling

Spiritual blessings come wrapped in trials,

wrapped in trials, wrapped in trials.

Trust Him for all of the many miles

You walk in suffering shoes.  

For the Master is carrying you.

Peace is the fruit of a Heart of Praise,

Heart of Praise, Heart of Praise.

Walking in trust in the plan He made

To keep you in His care.  

For the Master is always there.

Treasure of treasures  

the Pearl of Great Price!

Exquisitely costly gift of Christ.  

Paid in full with His Precious Blood

Not of this world, but from above.

Peace in the midst of the storm. Rpt.

Isaiah predicted the Prince of Peace,  

Prince of Peace, Prince of Peace.    

Coming to set the Prisoner free

And break the burden of sin.   

For Jesus to carry him.

Jesus is helping you Walk the Road,

Walk the Road, Walk the Road.

Bearing your burden and heavy load

 In His arms of Love and Peace ,

Until your trials cease.

2)  Newborn Babes

Written by Lisa Berchtold

1 Peter 2

Like newborn babes,

Who long for the pure milk

Lord, You can help me, To long for Your word,

That by it I may grow

And through it I may know

Salvation… and   The kindness of the Lord. You are so kind…Ooo…

Putting aside all malice and all guile

And hypocrisy and all envy and all slander.

And coming to Him (the) living stone,

Rejected by men, but precious in the

Sight of God,

Ahh, Jesus is Lord

Ahh…Yashua my Lord…


4) Pilgrim's Farewell

Written by Clareann Berchtold

From Pilgrim’s Progress

1. I'm now going to see that Head Crowned with Thorns.  Going to see that Face that was

Spit upon for me.

I've formerly lived by hearsay

And faith in the One I love,

Now I'm going to live by sight

In my Heavenly Home above!

Chorus:Oo...Oo..."I'm going down to the river" Mr. Standfast said.

  I'm going to see that Face of Love with Scars upon His Head

Oo...Oo...I'm going down to the river

 With a glowing coal in my heart.

  And there I'll see my Jesus,

 Nevermore to part!

   2. I have loved to hear my Lord  spoken of,

And walk in every shoe print  of His love.

His Name has been to me Sweeter than all perfumes    But nothing's any sweeter than

The Head where fell the wounds.

3. I used to gather His Word

For my food.   And antidotes of Scriptures

Against my fainting too.

He has helped me   And I've kept myself from iniquities  He's strengthened me so I will see  

The Son to shine on me.

(End) Oo...O... And the Strong Man bowed in the river...so the story tells,Oo...Oo... he said,

"Take me for I come to You"  

And the Pilgrim bid farewell.

5. There Was A Ram

Written by Clareann Berchtold  

 (Gen. 22:13 NASB)

1. In your seed, Israel, All the Nations of the earth

Will be blessed, Israel.

All because of Abraham,

Who obeyed when he laid Out his Son on the Mountain of the Lord.

So I see, Israel, I am free by the Promise

Of the Seed, Israel

By the Blood of Jesus Christ,

Who obeyed, when He laid on a Cross on the mountain of the Lord.


There was a Ram!  For Abraham!

To be offered in the place

Of his son's sacrifice.

There was a Ram!  for Abraham!

For the Father said the knife was for the Ram's sacrifice.

There was no Ram, only The Lamb!

When the Father offered up His only Son for sacrifice

There was no Ram, Only the Lamb!

And the Father laid the wood On Him for me.

On a Cross-on a Hill-at Calvary!

On a Cross-on a Hill-at Calvary!

2. Isaac walked happily,

With the wood upon his back

In his Father's agony, as our Father did for me

When He offered His Son to be slain

On the Mountain of the Lord.

Yes He walked with the wood,

On the Via Dolorosa to the place

Where He could be the Sacrificial Lamb,   

Who would die for my life on a Cross

On the Mountain of the Lord.

6) Thou Art My Healer

Written by Clareann Berchtold

Quoted words: GC Bevington

 from: Remarkable Miracles

(Most awesome book from c. 1930)

" Jesus, Thou art my Healer,

 (Thou art my Healer)

(You) have been for years"

"I just see Jesus, and Him alone.

He says,

 "I am the Lord that healeth Thee."

"I just sat there weeping (weeping) for joy

"I raised my right hand ...to praising God

  For being my Healer (and being my God)

I just see Jesus" (Savior and Lord)!

1.  I need a log like G.C. Bevington

I need to pray and hear from Heaven

That He is my Healer,

 my Savior and Lord....

Father, send me the Power of God!

2.  I looked in the Woods,

 like G.C. Bevington

I found no log to hear from Heaven

But there in my bath I did hear this song....

Father, You will lead us along.

3.   I need the Faith of G.C. Bevington

I need to pray and hear from Heaven

And suffer the cause of the Lord of Host....

Father, send me Your Holy Ghost!


7) Glory, Glory Allelu

Written by Lisa Berchtold

1 Corinthians 15:42

So many questions, so many thoughts

This natural way is not for us

Your Word Lord, is the light, the rock the way,

Jesus your Blood  I ask  for each day

Glory, Glory Glory Allelu

Power, Power, Power will get me through

Thanks be to God who gives

Victory through Jesus Christ

O death where is your sting,

O death where is your victory?


It is sown a perishable body,

it is raised an imperishable body

It is sown in dishonor it is raised in Glory.  

In Glory  In Glory


Jesus You are the life giving spirit.

Uhh, You saved my life when you shed Your Blood

I understand this natural way

But thank you Lord, You will take me away


It is sown a natural body it is raised a spiritual body

It is sown in weakness it is raised, in Power.

In power In power.

Lord, we give yo praise from the naturals bodies…

come for us Lord…

Praise the Lord, forever and forever…

9) I Am John

Written by Clareann Berchtold

John 1    


As Isaiah the prophet said."

Praise the Lord,

For Jesus came to men

And John did baptize Him

Preparing all of them

To walk on the straight way, The only way.

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away

the sin of the world."

Praise the Lord

That it is not too late,

To make the crooked straight,

To enter Heaven's Gate

And call on the mercy  

That washes clean by the Blood.

"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away  

the sin of the world."

 (end) I am John.     

11)   I Fly

Written by Clareann Berchtold

Psalm 57

1.   Until destruction passes by,
I will cry to God Most High,

 To God who accomplishes all things

   for me. (for me)

O God, be gracious to me,

 For my soul takes refuge in Thee

And in the shadow of Thy wings,

 I fly, I fly, I fly, until destruction passes by,

I fly…

In the shadow of Thy wings.

2.   He'll send from heaven and save me;

 He reproaches him who tramples on me.

God will send His lovingkindness and truth. (and truth)

3.   He's coming for His own,

 To take His children home.

Come in the Clouds, Lord Jesus, for me (for me)

13) That’s For Me

Written by Clareann Berchtold

From Pres. Lincoln’s Journal

It's not for me  to be seeking my bliss

And building up my hopes in a region like this.

(It's not for me.... It's not for me)

I look for a City which hands have not piled;

I pant for a Country by sin undefiled.

(That's for me...That's for me.)

1. Oh, what afflictions pierced my heart!

I bless the hand that caused the smart;

It taught my tears a while to flow,

 but saved me from eternal woe.

Our hearts are fastened to this world

 by strong and endless ties;

But every sorrow cuts a string,

 and urges us to rise.

2.  My crimes, though great, do not surpass

 the power... of Thy grace (for me;)

OH!  Wash my soul from every sin,

 and make my guilty conscience clean.

Against me earth and hell combine,

 but on my side is power divine

Jesus intercedes for me, Jesus, He is mine.

15) The Lord is Good

Jeremiah 33:11    

For the Lord is good.

Jeremiah 33:11     

Give thanks to the Lord of Hosts

This is how we all get to heaven

Praising the name of Jesus Christ.

For the Lord is good.

(For the Lord is good)

For the Lord is good

(For the Lord is good)

 He’s good, God is good

In sun or rain or joy or pain

Will you praise Him?

(I'm gonna praise Him)

Will you thank Him?

(I'm gonna thank Him)

Cause, He’s good, God is good

In good or bad or happy or sad

Say the Lord is good

(I say the Lord is good)

Say the Lord is good

(I say the Lord is good)

17) The New Jerusalem

Revelation 21                                     

Written by Clareann Berchtold

And he carried me away in the Spirit,

To a great high mountain...

And showed me the Holy City…

The New Jerusalem,

coming down out of heaven   

Having the glory of God.

Her brilliance was like a very  costly stone,

Illumined by the Lamb of God alone!

It had a great and high wall...  

And 12 gates to enter in...

And 12 foundation stones...  

And 12 Apostles names on them...

These are the Names in Matthew  10.

Peter, Andrew, James and John...

Philip and Bartholomew...

Thomas came and Matthew too...

4 More for the Chosen Few...

James and Thaddaeus,

Simon the Zealot, and Judas

These 12 Jesus picked-  

To preach the gospel and heal the sick...


And he carried me away in the Spirit...

(Sing to… And 12 foundation stones…)

...And on the Gates are the Tribes of Israel...

Reuben, Levi and  Simeon ...

Judah, Joseph and Benjamin...

Issachar and Zebulun...

4 more are the Chosen Ones...

Dan and Naphtali

Gad and Asher, the last of these.
These 12 are the Tribes,  

Born of Jacob and his 4 wives...


18) Jesus Gotta' Hold of My Heart

Written by Lisa Berchtold


Jesus  gotta' hold of my heart

Jesus gotta' hold of my heart

I was lost, I was blind

I was running out of time

Then Jesus gotta' hold of my heart

1. I was running away    

I was going my way

I had plans of my own   

 I was far, far from home

2. Then I heard that voice,

That sweet, sweet voice

He was calling my name,  

in all of my shame

3. You see He knows His own,  

even though we may roam

He wants you back again,

cause you belong to Him


8) Man The Fortress

Written by Clareann Berchtold

Nahum 2:1

 "The one who scatters

has come up against you.     

Man the fortress,  Watch the road;

Strengthen your back, Summon all your strength."

Man the fortress, watch the road;

Man the fortress, watch the road;

Strengthen your back, summon all your strength.

The one who scatters has come up against you.

Man the fortress, watch the road.

1.  "Behold, on the mountains the feet of him

who brings good news,  who announces peace!

 Celebrate your feasts, O Judah;

Pay your vows." Pay your vows.

2. "Though they are at full strength and

...many, they'll pass away. I will break his yoke bar,

 From upon you...Though I've afflicted you,

I'll afflict you no longer...and tear off your shackles..

tear off your shackles…

10) I Will Heal Him

Written by Clareann Berchtold

Isaiah 57

I have seen his ways, but I will heal him;

I will lead him and restore

comfort to him and to his mourners.

Comfort to him and to his mourners.

Creating the praise of the lips;

Peace, peace to him who is far

and to him who is near, says the Lord,

and I will heal him.

Creating the praise of the lips,

 Peace, peace to him who is far and to him who is near, says the Lord.

I have seen his ways, but I will heal him;

 I will lead him and restore comfort to him and to his mourners.

 Comfort to him and to him and to his mourners.

Because of the iniquity of his unjust gain,

I was angry and struck him; I hide my face,

he went on turning away in the way of his heart,

in the way of his heart.

12) Half A Man

Written by Clareann Berchtold

 Phil..”Clareann, I have the first line of this song, can you finish it?  “Ahh, I’m not a man, but I’ll try…After all, if my songs are from the Holy Spirit, He knows what to write.”

1.  When I feel like half a man

and I know I need a hand;

You come to me and gently help me stand.

When I feel I can’t go on

I need someone who is strong, and You are there,

As I bow my knee in prayer.  God is there.

And it is all I need.

 As long as You are here I know that

I will stand

To fight the fight of faith until I rise again.

With Jesus I am stronger,

And I know I am no longer,

Half a man.

2.  When I feel no longer whole,

Just a lost and lonely soul, I drift along,

Like a bird without a song.

And I struggle in my heart

To be someone I am not then call in prayer.

And You take away my fear.  God is here.

3.  When I see You on the cross,

All alone and feeling lost as just a man,

I know You understand.

‘Cause I feel forsaken too,

I get down and feeling blue and full of fear.

Then You dry my every tear.  You are here.

And I’d rather die than live a life as half a man.

I know You understand,

You were God and yet a man.

And You and I can be united as one man.

Holding hand and hand together, we will stand!

Holding hand and hand forever,  I’’M A MAN!

14) God Is On His Throne

Written by Clareann Berchtold

   1. The sun was up  when I went in the tunnel

Dark as night. Should I assume the sun is gone

Just because there is no light?

 And likewise, when the trials come,

And fearfully I moan,

I say, "The Truth" is still the same,

That God is "on His Throne!"**


 God is on His Throne, not matter

 what I feel or what I see!

    God is on His Throne, His Word is true

And I believe!

I believe,  (I believe)  I believe!  (I believe)  

God is on His Throne,

 and I don't walk this world alone.

I believe, (I believe)  I believe!  (I believe)

God is on His Throne, and He will come

and take us home!

2. A cloud appeared and drove

away the sunny sky above,

And I no longer felt the warmth

and the sunshine of His love.

But I believe "He'll guide our feet

into the way of peace",

For He's the Sunshine of my soul,

no matter what I see!

3. "Not one of (His) good promises

has failed to come to pass."*

But everything in this old world

will wither like the grass.

So I will stand upon the Word

to meet my every need,

And Jesus gives "The Crown of Life"

 to all who will believe.

16) The Carpenter

Written by Clareann Berchtold

He was just a little boy in a little family

 Near the sea in a little town in Galilee

When He took the hammer and the nails

into His hands

And I wonder when He understood His destiny?

Oh, the Bible says He took my debt

And nailed it to His cross

A debt of sin that I could never pay

And then the men who hated Him

nailed Him to that tree

And He became the Lamb of God for me



 Oh the blood of God that trickled down

On every debt of man

 Washed away my sins and set me free

 The Carpenter who held the nails

Became the nail scarred King

 Worthy is the Lamb of Calvary Rpt.


When the Carpenter put away

all of His tools of trade

By the Jordan when He went in His water grave

He would have to take His hammer

in His hands again

And nail my debt of sin that I could never pay

END: Worthy is the Carpenter

Worthy is the nail scarred King

Worthy is the Lamb who set me free!

LAMPLIGHT The Berchtold Family




   SONGS FROM LAMPLIGHT     I wrote this when I read Israel, "Shut the doors of the porch and put out the lamps” 2 Chron. 29:7 and determined my porch lamp will always be lit for when Jesus comes again.. (lyrics below)

      WANT TO BE WELL? Help the Widow and the Orphan! "He pled the cause of the afflicted and needy; then it was well. Is not that what it means to know Me?" Declares the Lord” Jeremiah 22:16

     Our New Name    Ecclesiastes 12:4


 SOME OF OUR FAVORITES Wow, I have such JOY at this song! And the Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain;  A banquet of aged wine…” Isaiah 25:6

Our Family listens to these songs every day.  They build faith and encourage us to know and follow Jesus.

In these scary times, it’s vital to know Scripture “The Sword of the Spirit.” (Eph. 6) to defeat the enemy; and it’s easy to memorize verses with great tunes.

 Even non-Christians love our songs because the tunes are great and the words are from the heart.  From children to the aged we hear wonderful comments.

Our little Clare knows hundreds of Scriptures because she chooses our music over any other music. How many of us know all the 12 Apostles and 12 Sons of Jacob?  Clare does because of our song, “The New Jerusalem.”  (lyrics below)

It’s also easy to sing along to the Praises to God in these songs when you are down, and Praise is the antidote to grumbling when times are tough.

Our music has been the best thing to help us “Overwhelmingly conquer.” May these songs do the same for you and your loved ones as you travel on the Narrow Road of Jesus to His Celestial City of Joy.

WE LOVE THE OLD AND NEW HYMNS!  Above is one of ours from 1978. Acts 16:25 “ But about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns of praise to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.”

Scripture Verses: New American Standard, King James, New King James

 Original Music: Clareann Berchtold and Lisa Berchtold Copyright 2017 Hymns: Old Rugged Cross-George Bennard   How Great Thou Art: Carl Boberg

Solos: Clareann, Lisa and Sarah Berchtold    Backups: Amy, Kim, Paula and Katie Berchtold

Keyboards: Lisa Berchtold   Guitar: Clareann Berchtold    Engineer: Phil Berchtold

In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

Romans 8:37


Got holiday blues?


  Phil and Clareann

Man The Fortress

Lavish Banquet


Newborn Babes

We believe Lisa could make millions on her awesome musical talent but chooses to sing only for her Bridegroom Jesus.”Newborn Babes” is one of her many outstanding compositions.

 WHAT A CHALLENGE to choose from hundreds of our recordings and thousands of original songs.  Hope you enjoy them as we do!

Singing in Romanian Hospital

1988 Norfolk MA Prison-singing for the Inmates

In Our Home Church where we sing for our Lord Jesus

Peace in the Storm